Electric Kettle can be used for more things than you can imagine. The apparent reason for getting the kettle is to boil water.

The fastest uses of electric kettle will work much quicker than a stove or microwave. However, the uses of hot or boiled water are endless.

You can pre-boil water in your kettle and speed up your cooking time for almost any meal, including pasta, vegetables, gravy, and more.

Today we will look at some of the uses of an electric tea kettle, from the most common to the most unseen. Uses of electric kettle are –

Uses Of Electric Kettle In Households


One of the most common reasons for obtaining an electric tea kettle for making tea.

The fastest electric kettle will heat your water at about twice the speed of your stovetop.

Before you even feel thirsty, you will get your tea.

French Press Coffee

Yet another great – and particular – French press for your electric kettle is to use it for coffee.

French press coffee is far better than instant ingredients and, if you don’t mind cleaning up a little extra later, it is worth the extra effort.

It tastes just plain compared to the stuff you make from the drip pot.

If you try French press coffee because of your spare time, then using your electric kettle can be an extra push that you need to start making your own.

Baby bottle or bottle warming

Water warming

Baby bottle water should be at precisely the right temperature.

A degree too high or low, and you may have small tears, which is why it may be great to use a kettle.

Your kettle does not just have to boil water.

It can heat your little ones to the right temperature every time, without constantly checking you and double-checking that it is safe.

When it’s midnight and you need to heat the finished bottle, an electric kettle will safely give you the fastest results.

It would help if you never microwaved the bottle.

However, you can keep a bottle in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes so that it comes to the correct temperature.

Sprinkle a drop from the nipple of the bottle towards the underside of your wrist.

The ideal temperature corresponds to your body temperature. 

Hard-Boiled Eggs

A slightly less traditional way of using your electric kettle is to use it for hard-boiled eggs.

Less hassle, less cooking time, more time for you.

Your kettle can make things easier in your kitchen in even the most unexpected ways, and hard-boiled eggs are one of them.

Try it the next time you find yourself pressed for time and craving a hard-boiled egg.

Instant Oatmeal

Instant Oatmeal should be just that – Instant – that’s why the next time you make it, you have to try to make it with your electric kettle.

The Fastest Electric Kettle can cause making your morning oatmeal even faster, more convenient, easier, and more delicious.

We do not recommend putting anything other than water in your electric kettle.

Use a separate bowl to prepare your Oatmeal.

Hot Chocolate

One of the more common uses of electric kettle is to make a steamy cup of hot chocolate.

Whether it’s a cold winter night in your life, you can make hot chocolate by heating water in your kettle.

A bonus is how it will speed up your cooking time.

Instant Noodles

Making instant noodles or ramen noodles is another use that may surprise you.

Many college students swear by this trick in their hostels where there are no hot plates.

Home Spa Treatment

The electric kettle we end up using today is not for food.

Your electric kettle should not be just for the kitchen. You can use it for home spa treatment.

Make an excellent resting leg or steam your face.

Your water will be at the right temperature every time, without having to wait or worry about burning your feet.

Imagine knowing that you can start pampering yourself as soon as you reach home.

Final Verdict

How to use electric kettle?

Whether you need hot water for your cup of tea in the morning, a full meal, or pamper yourself over the weekend, an electric tea kettle may be the thing for you that is used for multiple works.

The fastest electric kettle will make your life easier, speed up cooking time, and keep things warm even after they are cooked.

An electric kettle can do a lot more than you expect, so if you have it hidden in storage or are on the fence about buying one, it’s probably time to break down your kettle and find out again what it is every day.

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