Cooking has become quite clever and fast with an impressive range of the latest mixer grinders.

To prepare delicious dishes, all pureeing, chopping, mincing, grinding, mixing, and blending work can perform in minutes.

All you need to know is how to use mixer grinder.

The stages of using a mixer machine are more or less standard – regardless of brand and model.

Okay, let’s understand how to operate the mixer grinder!

How To Use Mixer Grinder Step-By-Step

Identify and collect the ingredients

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The first step is to gather the materials you want to process.

To avoid any lapse, it is a good idea to keep them all together at the beginning.

Select the appropriate jar

Then, you have to choose the right type of jar based on your requirement. The main types of pots that come with a mixer grinder are:

  • Wet grinding jar
  • Dry grinding jar
  • Sauce jars
  • Juicer jar

Different jars have different uses. For example, if you want to grind some dry spices, pick up a dry grinding jar.

Ensure To Use The Correct Blade

There are also different types of blades, like jars. The most common are:

  • Wet grinding blades
  • Dry Grinding Blade
  • Sauce jar blades
  • Minced blade

The quality of processing depends mainly on the blade. So, this is an important step.

Put food items in the jar.

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Once you are ready with the right blade attached to the correct jar and pour the contents into the pot.

Mix water and other ingredients

In Indian cooking, we mainly need to mix or process more than one ingredient simultaneously.

Just pour in the right amount and add water if necessary.

Close the lid of the jar and lock it

After putting the contents in the jar, you need to make sure that the lid is placed on it and closed tightly.

Running the mixer grinder jar without an adequately fitted top at all costs.

Not only will there be chances of an accident or leakage, but it may also damage the mixer grinder.

Mount the jar on the mixer grinder unit

Place the jar on the mixer grinder machine and see that the coupler is fitted correctly.

In most mixer grinders, this is usually done by gently rotating the pot until it is properly locked. 

Turn on the mixer grinder.

After placing the jar correctly, insert the plug into the electric socket and turn it on.

Then turn on the mixer grinder by turning the speed control knob.

You have to start at a minimum speed and gradually increase the speed as per your requirement.

Use the right speed

It is essential to process the material at the correct speed. Some things, such as dried spices, may need to be processed faster;

When extracting the juice, it is usually done at a low rate.

Processing speed is essential to ensure processing quality and consistency.

Monitor continuity

When you are processing the content, it is vital to check it periodically to see consistency.

To do this, close the mixer grinder, remove the lid and feel stability.

Also, his factor is essential because foods need to process in different thicknesses – thick, medium, or acceptable.

Switch off and unplug after use.

When your work is complete, switch off the mixer grinder unit.

Remember to unplug the mixer grinder electric cord from the electric mains to prevent any accidental run or damage.

Here is the mantra ‘Safety first.’

Shift processed material for use or storage

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It is advisable to transfer processed foods from jars immediately for use or storage. 

Clean thoroughly

Clean the mixer grinder India body with a damp cloth with a non-abrasive liquid cleaner and then wipe and dry it.

Other accessories and components such as jars, blades, etc., should also be cleaned thoroughly.

Final Words

How to use mixer grinder?

After reading this article I think you will get a fair idea about it.

Take your cooking to the next level. Before buying a mixer grinder, make sure that you understand its features and functions correctly. 

Also, mixer grinders make your cooking very easy and enjoyable.

If you have any doubts then you can ask in the comment section. Thanks!

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