With expanding mindfulness about our well-being, clinical devices like sphygmomanometers, thermometers, glucometers, and so on are currently generally utilized in pretty much every family.

A pulse oximeter is a recent addition to the list of Best Pulse Oximeter brands in India that has made its way into our lives.

A pulse oximeter is an operated non-invasive device used to measure the amount of saturated oxygen in the blood.

Also, it displays the user’s pulse rate. It can be used by anyone in the house, irrespective of age or gender.

It is a very useful tool to take necessary medical measures beforehand when the blood oxygen level of the patient falls to a dangerous level.

In this article, you will find how the best pulse oximeter brand in India works, its type of oximeter followed by the Buyer’s Guide, and its benefits to help you make the right decision and answer the most asked questions in the pulse oximeter reviews.

How a pulse oximeter works?

Like a blood pressure tracker and sleep tracker, an oximeter is also an essential tool if you want to track your health.

To use the best quality pulse oximeter, a pulse oximeter probe is fastened to a thin section of the patient’s body, such as the fingers or earlobe.

The probe then sends two wavelengths of light through a body part to a photodetector, i.e. a receiver.

Oxygen-containing hemoglobin absorbs one of the two wavelengths of light, while oxygen-rich hemoglobin absorbs the other wavelengths.

Photodetectors or receivers analyze two wavelengths after passing through a body part and determine the blood oxygen level.

Benefits of using Pulse Oximeter

  • Monitors blood oxygen saturation for people suffering from sleep apnea and severe snoring.
  • They help warn hospital staff that oxygen levels in the blood of an infant or a frail patient are low.
  • Helps to track pulse rate and Spo2 during exercise or any other physical activity, especially for someone suffering from heart and chronic respiratory conditions.
  • Also, notifies you when the reading is beyond the limit.

Types of Pulse Oximeter

There are five types of pulse oximeters available in the market. They are: –

👉 Finger Pulse Oximeter

A finger pulse oximeter is also known as a portable pulse oximeter.

As the name suggests, such a digital pulse oximeter is small and portable and can be used on the fingers.

The oximeter is glued to the finger, and the probe is screened on the screen itself.

A pulse oximeter is glued to the finger, and the results are shown on the screen, almost immediately.

👉 Handheld Pulse Oximeter

Handheld oximeters are more complex than finger oximeters and are equipped for delivering more exact outcomes.

A handheld pulse oximeter has two parts, the probe and the display screen, which is a handheld screen that is connected via a cable.

The probe is attached to the person’s finger, and the index and blood oxygen levels are shown on the screen.

👉 Tabletop Oximeter

Tabletop oximeters are larger than handheld pulse oximeters and are like handheld oximeters.

Like a handheld oximeter, a tabletop oximeter also has two parts, the probe, and the display screen, which are connected by a cable.

A pulse oximeter is used in hospitals, medical facilities, and home care centers/settings.

Some tabletop oximeters come with audio and visual alarms to warn people when blood oxygen levels and pulse rates fall below safe limits.

Most tabletop oximeters also come with plethysmograph displays and are suitable for monitoring adults, children, and neonates.

They even have a provision for storing data or logs for many patients, even up to 100 in some cases.

👉 Wrist-Worn Oximeter

Wrist oximeters are like wristwatches that one wears.

Often, doctors may want to track your blood oxygen levels, or during your sleep.

Wrist-worn oximeters are ideal for such cases.

The probe is attached to the patient’s finger, and the reading is displayed on a screen that is worn on the wrist, like a wristwatch.

The probe and screen are connected by a short cable, which will not be an obstacle for you to go about your daily work.

Such oximeters are also capable of storing data.

Some oximeters also have wireless connectivity via Bluetooth for wireless data transfer, while others have USB connectivity for data transfer.

👉 Pediatric Pulse Oximeter

Pediatric pulse oximeters are designed oximeters for children under the age of 4 years.

They are finger pulse oximeters but are designed and designed to cater to children and their little fingers without any problems.

Regular finger pulse oximeters are large and cannot meet children’s small fingers.

Thus, a pediatric pulse oximeter is generally used to check blood oxygen levels for children and infants.

Some pulse oximeters come with an alarm when the pulse rate or oxygen saturation level drops below the safe limit.

Some of these pulse oximeters also have an anti-motion feature, which will help you get an accurate result even if the child moves his or her hand.

1. Dr. Trust Professional Series Pulse Oximeter4.3

1. Dr. Trust Professional Series Pulse Oximeter

  • Top Pick
Check Price
2. Healthsense Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter4.2

2. Healthsense Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

  • Decent
Check Price
3. Meditive Fingertip Pulse Oximeter4.4

3. Meditive Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

  • Reliable
Check Price
4. Vandeley Fingertip Pulse Oximeter 4.4

4. Vandeley Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

  • Accurate
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5. Beurer PO30 Pulse Oximeter4.4

5. Beurer PO30 Pulse Oximeter

  • Best Performance
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6. Techzo Pulse Oximeter4.5

6. Techzo Pulse Oximeter

  • Budget-Friendly
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Best Pulse Oximeter Brand In India

Top Pick
best pulse oximeter brand in india

1. Dr. Trust Professional Series Pulse Oximeter

  • Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter
  • Audio Visual Alarm
  • Respiratory Rate      
  • Alarm Settings

Dr. Trust is another Best Pulse Oximeter Brand In India it is also a popular brand for health care devices known for offering a wide variety of premium quality devices that help you easily monitor your health.

This fingerprint oximeter is portable and operates with only one button, making it a handy device for which you can go.

The device also has an alarm and the display also shows your respiratory rate making it an efficient device to go through.

This oxygen monitor can correctly determine your SpO2 and pulse power in 8 seconds and easily display it on a large digital LED display.

It is an energy-efficient oximeter that provides a long battery life with a single charge.

The Dr. trust best pulse oximeter brand in India price comes with adjustable settings of brightness, display, and other parameters making it the perfect health companion.

It additionally has alert settings to kill the sound on and off as per the user’s choice


  • Compact, reliable, and durable.
  • It has an automatic power-off feature.
  • Easy to use and portable.
  • Excellent and classic design


  • Little expensive
  • Accuracy Issue.
Healthsense Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

2. Healthsense Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

  • Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor
  • Plethysmograph & PI
  • Four Directional OLED Display
  • Free Single Button Operation

When it comes to healthcare devices in India, health sense is a trusted name in the country.

This oximeter has a clear display that will allow you to easily check your blood oxygen and pressure readings.

Since it is easy to use and operate on a button, you do not need to think too much before using it.

The scratch-proof acrylic panel makes this device durable to buy online.

It runs on an Oximeter 2 AAA battery and is available with many features such as an alarm, memory, and more.

The medical-grade silicone finger chamber is allergen and latex-free to avoid microscopic reactions when measuring.

A hassle-free single-button operation control device for measuring and installing an alarm and sound features.

Auto sleep mode after 8 seconds of inactivity to save on battery.


  • Light and compact design.
  • Has a long battery life.
  • Ensures fast and accurate readings.


  • The product requires improvement.
Meditive fingertip pulse oximeter

3. Meditive Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

  • High Accuracy Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
  • Perfusion Index
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Spo2 Monitor

This Oximeter by Meditive is another painless device that will let you check your pulse rate and blood oxygen levels within a few seconds.

It even has a battery indicator to warn you when the battery is low so that you do not get the wrong results due to the low battery.

It consumes less power and will automatically shut down when not in use.

This features an auto-rotating multi-directional display that includes a four-directional color OLED display that provides an enhanced view of pulse rate, SpO2, and perfusion index with a plethysmograph.

This pulse oximeter comes with a diagnostic warning function that produces a visual and audible alarm in cases when it is higher or lower than normal conditions.

It is an energy-efficient oximeter that provides a long battery life with a single charge and therefore avoids the need to change frequently.

It comes with a low battery indication feature which indicates that when your oximeter battery dries you can charge it and thus keep an eye on your health.


  • It gives timely warnings through visual and audible alarm alerts whenever high/low measurement readings.
  • This oximeter provides up to 20 hours of continuous battery with its two AAA batteries.
  • It is an energy-efficient oximeter that automatically turns off when not in use.


  • The price is on the higher side.
Vandelay Pulse Oximeter

4. Vandelay Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

  • Accurate Pulse Rate
  • One Year Warranty
  • Long Battery Life
  • Blood Oxygen Saturation

If you are looking for a fingertip pulse oximeter, then this compact oximeter by Vandelay may be another great option.

It is lightweight and comes with long battery life to allow you to easily measure your pulse rate and blood-oxygen content.

The device turns on automatically when you insert a finger into the cavity.

And if it does not turn on, then you need to replace the battery.

You should only use pulse bull before or after your exercise.

Also, you should stay fixed while the pulse oximeter estimates your heartbeat rate and SpO2 levels.

It comes with a multi-directional display feature for auto-power-off measurement after 8 seconds without an input signal to save the battery.

Measures quick and accurate pulse rate and O2 blood oxygen saturation at arterial hemoglobin levels.


  • This oxygen monitor has small and portable size making it convenient to handle.
  • This oximeter shows fast results of blood oxygen saturation level and PR on the LED display.
  • The product has a user-friendly design dedicated to the care of older patients.


  • Inflated price
Beurer PO30 Pulse Oximeter

5.Beurer PO30 Pulse Oximeter

  • Fingertip Arterial Oxygen Saturation
  • Color Display with 4 Available Views
  • Adjustable Display Brightness
  • Graphic Pulse Display

The device also comes with an audio and visual alarm option which adds to the utility value of this device.

Turning it on and off automatically will ensure that power consumption is optimal and that the battery is not wasted.

Its 2-color display makes it easy for you to differentiate between pulse rate and oxygen rate readings and read.

Regular monitoring of blood oxygen saturation and the pulse becomes important when staying on top of your health, either due to heart problems, pulmonary diseases, asthma, or during strenuous sports activity.

It is the best pulse oximeter for doctors in India universal and adaptable to any finger shape.

Measurement of SpO2 as a potentially important signal in acute diseases.

Measurement of heart rate (pulse) is particularly suitable for those individuals: heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and bronchial asthma are also ideal for sports at high altitudes.

This pulse oximeter comes with a diagnostic warning function.


  • It has a water-resistant design to quickly understand the accidental flow of water.
  • This oximeter comes with a robust built-in design and good-performance OLED for easy viewing of measurements.
  • The product provides rapid measurement and covers a large measurement range.


  • No negative points have been seen so far.
Beaver Swadesi Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

6.Techzo Pulse Oximeter

  • Arterial Hemoglobin Levels
  • Multi-Directional Display
  • Consumes Less Power
  • Automatically Shut Down

This Techzo oximeter is another painless device that will allow you to check your pulse rate and blood oxygen levels within a few seconds.

There is even a battery indicator to warn you when the battery is low so that you do not get the wrong results due to the low battery.

It consumes less power and will automatically shut down when not in use.

It comes with a multi-directional display feature for auto-power-off measurement after 8 seconds without an input signal to save the battery.

Arterial hemoglobin levels measure quick and accurate pulse rate and O2 blood oxygen saturation.

They even have a provision for storing data or logs for many patients


  • +-2% has high accuracy.
  • Comes with an automatic power-off feature.


  • No audio-visual alarm.

Factors To Consider Before Best Pulse Oximeter Brand In India

In buying a pulse oximeter, there are some special things to consider. By considering these you will decide on the Best Pulse Oximeter Brand in India.

Cost The best option is to choose an oximeter that you can tolerate.

An expensive oximeter can attract a higher maintenance charge, and can also give you more durability.

Warning system It is good to choose a good pulse oximeter with an excellent warning system.

Also, A suitable oximeter will warn you about your steady heartbeat and your irregular heartbeat.

People rely on pulse oximeters for disease management, an indicator for low batteries, to be able to maintain their health adequately.

Lightweight Some oximeters can be very portable and also heavy.

Therefore, choosing an oximeter that is lighter is a good buy.

Anyone suffering from hypoxia will need a light oximeter, and it is almost impossible to damage or destroy a lightweight oximeter by careless management.

Tolerance A strong pulse oximeter will provide the best results of all time.

So, choosing a pulse oximeter that is not sustainable will put your life at risk in many scenarios.

A quality pulse oximeter must be able to withstand hard impacts on the ground and possess a waterproof structure to prevent damage from water and moisture.

Similarly, the durability of the oximeter will prevent device failure and prevent inaccurate readings.

Visible display There are many pulse oximeters with different styles or performances and font colors.

Therefore, it is important to choose a pulse oximeter with the correct display of your choice and the correct font size.

It is also necessary to select a pulse oximeter with a beautiful backlit display.

You can also look for a pulse oximeter with multiple-angle displays to improve your visibility during use.

Accuracy and reliability The first thing you should look for when purchasing a pulse oximeter is its accuracy and reliability.

The key is to find the best pulse oximeter India function that can consistently and reliably produce accurate results.

Although, some pulse oximeters use the same mechanism to produce readings, and the only difference lies in the way they are manufactured.

Although, the only way to test whether a pulse oximeter is accurate is by cross-checking the results with each other, such as at your doctor’s office or other medical clinics.

Also, most oximeters should be able to produce results within a few seconds with an accuracy of 3%.

If your hand trembles, find an oximeter that has an anti-motion feature, which will still be able to give accurate results.

Ease of use – A pulse oximeter should be easy to use and should not require much technical or specialized knowledge.

The finger oximeter is very easy to use, and it involves simply pressing the oximeter on your finger and pressing a button, and voila, your result is on the screen.

In addition, a larger screen will make life easier, making the results easier to read.

Although, some oximeters display the results differently, making them easier to read and understand.

These are all additional benefits that will make using a pulse oximeter much easier.

And that should be the easiest way to use a pulse oximeter.

Probe size When purchasing a pulse oximeter check the size of the probe and make sure that the probe fits comfortably on your finger.

This is typically not an issue with clip-on type probes, where probes can only be clipped on the finger without any nuisance.

Similarly, if you want to check saturation oxygen for children and babies, or people with small hands or fingers, you can consider buying a pediatric pulse oximeter, which would be more suitable for that application.

Other features – It includes Bluetooth connectivity or USB connectivity for transferring data to a system, where it can perform further analysis.

Short cables that won’t create much of a nuisance will help.

Some best finger pulse oximeter in India is also capable of generating other data such as plethysmographs and perfusion indexes, which can also help in getting a better diagnosis.

FAQs Best Pulse Oximeter Brand In India

Q. Is there a different battery than the regular one in the oximeter?

All pulse oximeters use AAA batteries; It can be challenging to obtain an oximeter that does not use AAA batteries.

Q. Is every pulse constant?

Yes, all pulse readings are constant. 

Q. What is the normal range of pulse oximetry?

The normal range of arterial oxygen is 75 to 100 mm Hg. Anything below 60 mm Hg is low and requires oxygen supplementation.

Oximeter readings are between 95 and 100 percent, anything less than 90 percent is low.

Q. Are pulse oximeters correct?

Yes, most pulse oximeters ensure accurate readings. 


A good pulse oximeter is an inexpensive and useful medical gadget that helps you monitor your blood sugar level quickly without time.

The best thing is that it is a non-invasive device that gives you blood oxygen readings by putting your finger in the device within a few seconds.

This is an ideal addition to your medical kit as it helps in taking timely action whenever saturated blood oxygen levels are higher or lower than normal readings.

Final Words
  • 1. Dr. Trust Professional Series Pulse Oximeter
  • 2. Healthsense Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter
  • 3. Meditative Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
  • 4. Vandelay Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
  • 5. Beurer PO30 Pulse Oximeter
  • 6. Techzo Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter
Grab yourself a high-quality Best Pulse Oximeter Brand In India and track your health status anytime and anywhere with PR and blood oxygen readings.
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