Every office should consider buying a laser or inkjet best all in one printer in India because they can print a high volume of pages at a faster pace while saving a lot of money on ink cost.

A good printer can help you copy, fax, scan, print, and many other things to give you a reliable solution for your daily needs in an affordable device.

However, with these many options to work with it has become difficult to find the best printer for the home that is capable enough to handle any task.

Luckily, we have the solution for you, as we’ve put together a list of 5 Best Color Printer For Home Use that you can buy right now to get all in one system that can print lots of large pages in less time at your home or office.

Buying Guide For The Best Printer In India

Depending upon what you need these are some of the latest features that you might want to look at before buying a dot matrix printer for yourself.


Most printers come with a USB connection but you should opt to go for a wireless option because it is more convenient and easy to use than a wired version.

Plus with a wireless printer, you do not have to worry about any cable management as you can easily connect it via WIFI or Bluetooth to any of your smart devices.

Ink Cost

Many people tend to forget to check the ink cost of a printer before buying their best printer for the home which harms them in the long run.

The ink cost of a printer can exceed the amount you have paid for the printer itself over the years so you should choose wisely before getting an epsilon printer for yourself.


Laser printers work best for printing in speed with black and white text document that is generally used in most offices.

The printing speed of a printer is called PPM and it shows the amount of paper per minute a printer can print.

The average speed of printing is around 20 to 30 pages per minute in both inkjet or laser options which you should check before getting the best epsilon printer.


People who will be using their printers for high-quality printing should consider buying an Inkjet printer because they provide better quality with good resolution pictures.

Printer quality is generally shown by DPI and the higher the DPI the better its quality will be and the sharpener its color will look.

So if you are looking for a high-end printer then go above 1000 DPI to get the best out of your images and colors in a laser printer.


If you own a large business then you should consider buying a color printer that is capable enough to get the job done.

With most of the cheap types of printer, you won’t be able to print 35 papers per minute which is an industry-standard speed of printing.

Moreover, high-capacity printers are designed to work faster with more cartridge storage and larger paper input and output trays to print in large volumes.

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1. HP 410 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Color Printer

  • Network_ready
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2. Brother Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer

  • Auto-Duplex
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3. Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One Ink Tank Color Printer

  • Best for home usage
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4. Samsung ProXpress SL-Laser Printer

  • Auto_duplex
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5. HP Laserjet Pro Laser Printer

  • Black & White
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Top 5 Best Color Printer For Home and Office Use

1. HP 410 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Color Printer with Voice-Activated Printing(Works with Alexa and Google Voice- Assistant)

the best printer in India image


  • Printer and scanner in one
  • Low ink cost
  • Connectable with  wi-fi, USB, hp smart app
  • Works With apps like Alexa and Google Home

HP is an admirable brand that is known for making high-quality best color printer for home use & scanners in their inkjet line at a reasonable price that can be bought for both home and office use.

The HP 410 is a printer that focuses on low ink cost and high print volumes to provide a cheap alternative for the user to print more on a budget.

The best Printer In India is available in a nice and compact body that can be placed anywhere around your workspace to print high-quality images, documents, or cards.

Moreover, the HP printer can print in A4, B5, A6, and other page sizes with smart Wi-Fi and USB connectivity to give you the best printing environment for your job.


  • Less printing cost with low costing ink
  • Offers multiple connection options
  • One year of warranty.
  • Can Print, Copy & Scan any document
  • Small & portable design


  • Does not support ADF

2. Brother DCP-L2520D Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer with Auto-Duplex Printing

Brother DCP-L2520D Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer with Auto-Duplex Printing


  • All In One (Print, Scan, Copy)
  • Pages Per Minute – 30 ppm
  • Nearly 0 maintenance required
  • Easy to install and use

Brother is a worldwide renowned brand that makes reliable, low-cost, and wireless printers for real-world usage with the best performance in a cost-effective way.

So, if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend a fortune on a printer, then the Brother DCP-L2520D is the best printer for students with all the features onboard.

The printer can print up to 30 pages per minute with support from ADF for the automatic printing of pages in a batch. 

It comes with a compact design and can hold up to 250 pages in a single go to make multiple prints before having to be refilled.

Plus, you can connect the printer with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or USB to print from any device with a wireless connection making it the ideal laser printer in the market.


  • Less printing cost per paper
  • Large paper storing space
  • Can print A4, A5, A5, A6, and other sizes
  • One year of warranty
  • Supports ADP automatic printing


  • Cost’s a little higher

3. Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One Ink Tank Color Printer (Black)

Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One Ink Tank Color Printer (Black)


  • Its Cleaning and maintenance are easy
  • It does Borderless printing
  • Document Scan with MAX 600 DPI
  • Print output is vast you can use the printer for about 6months without refilling if you are using it regularly

Canon Pixma is an all-in-one printer best printer in India that is targeted toward small and medium-sized businesses for printing at an impressive speed with dual scanning capabilities.

The printer is compatible with all Windows operating systems and can print in both black & white and color options at a moderate cost per page price.

You can easily take the printer from one place to another because of its portable design that is only weighted around six kilograms.

Besides, the printer can print up to 9 pages per minute with a set of five separate color tanks to color your images and documents efficiently.


  • Power-efficient canon laser printer
  • Features an LCD panel
  • The cheapest option on the list
  • One year of warranty
  • Stores 250 GSM paper in one turn


  • No support for wireless connections

4. Samsung ProXpress SL-M3320ND Laser Printer with Auto-Duplex

Samsung ProXpress SL-M3320ND Laser Printer with Auto-Duplex


  • It prints complex documents
  • It gives High professional-quality results with its default speed
  • It can Print business cards and e-stamp
  • Economical features and solutions

Samsung is the Best Printer In India globally recognized as a leader in making electronic products and appliances that are equipped with great integrity and power.

The Samsung ProXpress laser printer stands out from the rest of the group by providing better speed, quality, and maximum output with very little handling needed to do the job.

It has a box shape with minimal design features that makes it suitable enough to keep in any home or miniature office for everyday work.

The printer is compatible with printing 35 pages per minute with 128 MB of internal memory capacity for storing any additional data that the user might need.


  • Option to manually feed paper
  • – One year of warranty.
  • – Dual tray support
  • – Easy to use LCD


  • No wireless connections

5. HP Laserjet Pro M1136 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer (Black)

HP Laserjet Pro M1136 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer (Black)
Hp printer M1136 front view
We are currently using this printer in the office the overall performance is amazing👌


  • Supported Media Types: Paper, Envelopes, Transparencies, Labels, Cardstock, Postcards
  • Print quality is amazing as compared to other printers in this price range
  • It prints pages in booklet formats
  • You can cancel your printing anytime with is a button on the printer

HP LaserJet Pro is the best printer in India is one of the best monochrome laser printers that are perfect for an office or for a small business to print a large number of pages daily.

Even if you print for a few hours, there’s no need to replace the toner as it is very durable and can get a lot of work done with its powerful scanning features.

You can easily connect the printer for printing, scanning, and copying files via a USB cable or use its LED panel to make changes to its settings.

Moreover, the HP printer is the best multifunction laser printer in India and can print 18 pages per minute with an average cost of rupees 2 on each page in back & white mode.


  • LED display with easy to use controls
  • Store up to 150 sheets per tray
  • Takes very little space
  • One year of warranty


  • Only prints in black & white

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the types of a printer?

Ans. There are two types of printers best printer in India i.e Inkjet and Laser printers.

To choose between them you must know your budget because inkjet printer uses a lot of resources & cost more but laser printers are cheaper comparatively.

But if your work requires you to do glossy photos, pie charts, and quality projects then an inkjet printer is a better option because it will have a better quality than the laser one.

Q. What is the best company to buy printers from?

Ans. HP, Brother, Canon laser printer, Epson printer, and Samsung are some of the best brands that you can choose to buy a printer from which will give you a reliable machine that you can trust to do work regularly.

Q. What is the running cost of a printer?

The running cost of every printer is different for each model but generally, it cost about one to two rupees per page that you print.

Some expensive printers cost even less compared to cheap printers that cost more to maintain which is why investing in a high-quality printer is important to save money in the long run.

Q. How is a 3D Printer different from a 2D Printer?

Ans. A 2D printer is used to print, scan, or copy a document on paper but a 3D printer uses an output plan to print in three dimensions.

3D printers are far more complicated than 2D printers because they use height, width, and depth to make materials in real life and not on a sheet of paper.

Final Verdict

From small businesses to large industries everyone needs a trustworthy printer to print, fax, scan, and copy, documents, and images daily.

The best printer under 15000 on a decent budget is a perfect choice.

We recommend that you choose our first option, the HP 410 Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer, as it offers superior quality and fast print speeds to meet all expectations.

Hopefully, you should have found the best printer for office use in India yourself by now, and feel free to suggest one of your top picks down below.

  • 1. HP 410 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Color Printer
  • 2. Brother DCP-L2520D Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer
  • 3. Canon All-in-One Ink Tank Color Printer
  • 4. Samsung Laser Printer with Auto-Duplex
  • 5. HP Laserjet Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer
Our list of best laser printers for home use contains top-quality products that are ideal for doing any office or homework with incredible speed & power.

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