One of the most basic things you should have in your kitchen is a chopping board for quick and safe food slicing.

The best chopping board in India makes it easier for you to cut vegetables and meat efficiently and ensures that you finish it quickly and without chopping.

Also, In this guide, we will detail the benefits of cutting boards and how to use them in the kitchen to protect your hands.

Apart from this, we have listed down the top cutting chopping board in India that you can consider.

Why we must have a chopping board in the Kitchen?

A chopping board is an essential part of the kitchen.

Also, It helps to cut food safely and perfectly and ensures that the knives will not become dull after prolonged use.

The knife-edge is very thin and will become dull or sticky if used on the wrong surface.

In Addition, a good, smooth, and non-abrasive cutting board will help prevent damage to your knives and help you prepare meals easily.

Plus, a veg chopping board is also easy to clean and disinfect, so you don’t have to worry about the surface getting unclean when you’re chopping your vegetables, meats, etc.

Different Types of Widely Used chopping board

Types of chopping board which is generally used are –

1. Plastic chopping board

In this image, you are looking at the white plastic board on the top of the board along with scissors and vegetables
Plastic Chopping Board

Plastic requires minimal maintenance and can be stored easily.

Since the plastic board surface is hard, it can easily get knife marks, resulting in the germination of bacteria and having a bad effect on our health.


  • These are the cheapest chopping boards available in the market.


  • Since plastic is dangerous for our health, it will not be safe for us to consume it if some particles get included in our food during food.
  • Chopping boards will get spoiled easily, so they will be replaced soon, which will harm the environment as we all know that plastic is non-biodegradable.
  • The surface of the board is hard, which affects the blade of the knife.

2. Bamboo Chopping Board

In the given image you are looking at the bamboo vegetable chopping placed at marble surface wherein the top section of the boarding knife, lemon along with spinach is kept.
Bamboo chopping board

Bamboo chopping bars are a great option for the kitchen as they are not too expensive and eco-friendly.

Thus once used or wasted can be easily decomposed.

These are made from a bamboo tree. Also, they have a soft surface.


  • Eco-friendly material chopping board
  • It does not harm health as well as food
  • It can be easily washed and cleaned and hence is hygienically safe.


  • It has a harder surface than wood which can affect the sharpness of the blade.
  • Bamboo sticks are glued together to make boards.
  • So, make sure that the glue does not stick to the surface as its chemical formaldehyde causes health issues in the long run.
  • Bamboo chopping boards have grooves that hinder the proper slicing and chopping of vegetables.

3. Wooden Chopping Board

You are looking at the wooden chopping board in the blue background on top of the board knife and coriander is kept.
Wooden Chopping Board

Wooden chopping boards are the best chopping board in India material used in the kitchen as it is chemical-free and does not react with food.

It also does not cause any harm to the health of the family members. Though it is expensive, it is the best option to use.

In Addition, shallow cuts in wood heal on their own, as it heals on its own.

Also, The different wooden chopping board amazon used to make chopping boards are: teak, oak, acacia, etc.


  • It is an eco-friendly material.
  • Wood does not react with foods.
  • It has no side effects like other ingredients.
  • It is slightly softer than bamboo, so it does not damage the blade of the knife.
  • The board will regain its luster after being properly cared for with oil or wax.


  • The board should be cleaned immediately after use to prevent damage.
  • Panels are a bit expensive.

4. Stainless Steel Chopping Board

In this image, you are looking at the stainless steel cutting board kept on the table where knife and other vegetable is kept behind it.
Stainless steel cutting board

Steel is also considered a safe material for kitchen use.

They are tough and easy to clean.

Also, This board can be used to maintain proper hygiene as it is washable.


  • Along with being easy to clean and maintain, they are also scratch-free.
  • Boards look wonderful in the kitchen with other stainless steel utensils.
  • The chopping boards are not that expensive.


  • Since steel is tough, it can easily damage the blade of a knife.
  • You have to keep sharpening the edge of the knife with a knife sharpener.
1. Resomate Stainless Steel Chopping Board4.3

1. Resomate Stainless Steel Chopping Board

  • Curved Handle Design
  • Rustproof
  • Antibacterial
Check PriceAll-Rounder
2. Organizemee Counter Top Chopping Board4.3

2. Organizemee Counter Top Chopping Board

  • Super Large Size Board
  • Mildew Resistant
  • odour-free
Check PriceHeavy Duty
3. Eesome Teak Wood Chopping Board4.3

3. Eesome Teak Wood Chopping Board

  • Edge Grain Construction
  • Termite And Water Proof
  • Grooved handles
Check PriceElegant Wooden Look
4. Old Trunk Wooden Cutting Board4.5

4. Old Trunk Wooden Cutting Board

  • Single Piece Classic Board 
  • Conventional Chopping Board
  • Sheer Finish
Check PriceWooden Groove Friendly
5. Urmila Plastic Chopping Board4.4

5. Urmila Plastic Chopping Board

  • Food Grade Plastic Material
  • Made from Polypropylene
  • Sleek Design
Check PriceBest-Budget
6. KLEO Marble Chopping Board4.5

6. KLEO Marble Chopping Board

  • Handcrafted Rectangle shape
  • Touch of Earthiness
  • Anti Slip Groove 
Check PriceNature Marble Design

Best Chopping Board In India Suitable For Your Kitchen

  • 1. Resomate Stainless Steel Chopping Board

    81tiEF8IjnL. SL1500 1
    • Material – Stainless Steel
    • Colour – Silver
    • Form Factor – Rectangular
    • Anti Slip Pad – Yes
    • Features – Measuring Scale

This Resomate cutting board is the best chopping Board In India made of food-grade stainless steel, preventing cracking or warping and any dust formation.

Also, To ensure that the board does not slip, it comes with an anti-slip mat.

It can be used for slicing, slicing, slicing, and kneading dough, thus making it a multi-use product.

Resomate Chopping Board brings a perfect solution to the problem of slipping and lifting in steel boards.

Also, The newly designed shapely handle makes the lifting part easy, even on a flat surface.

In addition, to prevent slippage, Resomate offers an anti-skid mat as an accessory.

In addition, being compact, it weighs 1.2 kg, which ensures its durability.

Plus, 304 food-grade stainless steel keeps your food clean and healthy.

In addition, it makes the board unbreakable, rust-proof, and antibacterial. So, it is a great chopping board for lifelong investment.


  • Convenient for any type of kitchenette
  • Perfect for vegetables, meats or pizza and cakes
  • Anti-skid mat.
  • Lifelong usable product


  • It has a good weight. So, accidentally slipping on your feet can hurt you.
  • 2. Organizemee Counter Top Chopping Board

    611z7 QCh L. SL1100 1
    • Material – Stainless Steel
    • Colour – Grey
    • Form Factor – Square
    • Anti Slip Pad – Yes
    • Features – Dishwasher safe

Organizemee is the best kitchen chopping boards for those who are looking for something really big.

In Addition, the platform cutting board is about 60cm wide and 45cm deep, perfect for large kitchens.

Plus, its 2.5 lip bend attaches to the side of your counter, making it non-slippery on wet or oily surfaces.

Although the cutting chopping board is quite large, it is not the heaviest.

It weighs about a kilo, so you won’t have to sweat while cleaning or shaking it.

As made from 304 stainless steel, it provides you with clean sliced ​​food and raw meat.

Also, the durability is up to the mark and offers multi-purpose utility.

However, being not compact, you cannot hook and mount it inside your kitchen.

Still, the cutting platform is value for money rather than expensive.


  • Big, efficient, and platform.
  • Made of 304 stainless steel.
  • The lip bend makes it non-slippery.
  • Easy to grab and clean.


  • Bit Expensive
  • 3. Eesome Teak Wood Chopping Board

    71xA392bnMS. SL1000 1
    • Material – Teak Wood
    • Colour – Brown Wooden Texture
    • Form Factor – Rectangular
    • Anti Slip Pad – Yes
    • Features – Reversible Usage

Eesome Teak Wood Cutting Board is made from premium quality teak wood, making it perfect for the best wooden chopping board India.

Also, this professional cutting board uses 100% safe adhesives and FDA-approved oils and waxes to manufacture it.

In addition, since this cutting board is made from premium-quality teak wood, it has high water resistance and is also extremely hard. 

One of the best things about this wood cutting board is that it is long-lasting and can be easily refurbished.

Also, you will need to apply the oil every few weeks to maintain its usefulness and longevity.


  • The board is scratch-resistant
  • Good grip when cutting
  • Premium quality teak wood
  • Hung with the help of a handle


  • Need care while washing
  • 4. Old Trunk Wooden Cutting Board

    81uIsvuf8HS. SL1500 1
    • Material – Valsadi Teak Wood
    • Colour – Natural Brown Texture
    • Form Factor – Rectangular
    • Anti Slip Pad – Yes
    • Features – Juice Groove

If you are looking for a cheap and large wood chopping board for kitchen use, Old Trunk Valsadi Teak Wood Chopping Board is the right choice for the best vegetable chopping board.

In Addition, this cutting board can be used for chopping vegetables, mincing meat, etc., and does not stain or warp easily.

There are also juice grooves on board to ensure that food juices do not spill out.

And since this chopping board is made from natural wood, it’s safe and hygienic to use, and the high fibers in it won’t dull the edges of your knife either.

This chopping board is also durable and strong as it uses teak wood which is usually stronger than traditional wood but also soft enough for knife use.


  • Rich, deep colors are admirable
  • Use from both sides
  • Easy to clean
  • Mountable


  • The edges are slightly open after use
  • 5. Urmila Plastic Chopping Board

    51QpVHNbYkL. SL1000 2
    • Material – Plastic
    • Colour – White
    • Form Factor – Rectangular
    • Anti Slip Pad – Yes
    • Features – Stain-resistant and moisture-resistant

Urmila Plastic Cutting Board is another good board that can be used for cutting vegetables, meat, fruits, chicken, etc.

This cutting board is made of high-quality food-grade plastic that is stain-resistant and moisture-resistant to be easily damaged.

Moreover, it has an extra thickness, which makes it more durable and strong.

This vegetable cutting board also comes with an anti-skid textured surface, ensuring that the board stays in place while cutting food.

Also, it’s very easy to clean with water and a dry towel after every use.


  • This cutting board is made of standard food grade PP plastic material
  • It is dishwasher safe and unbreakable
  • It is heat resistant
  • Easy to wash


  • Often slips off a slippery counter
  • 6. KLEO Marble Chopping Board

    812xsvwPYRL. SL1500 1
    • Material – Marble
    • Colour – Beige Marble Texture
    • Form Factor – Rectangular
    • Anti Slip Pad – Yes
    • Features – Rounded Edges

KLEOMarble Board has everything you could want to buy.

Also, the bottom of this kitchen accessory is made of non-slip rubber to provide adequate protection to the delicate surface.

In addition, the KLEO Marble Chopping Board assists with food preparation and cutting or making pastry recipes.

You can also use it as a serving plate, so it’s very versatile.


  • Marble board isn’t that porous so that that food won’t stick
  • It can be lifted with one hand and is easy to transport
  • Antibacterial and wear-resistant stainless steel
  • The natural stone helps maintain cool temperatures


  • Its surface may crack due to mismanagement

Points To Consider Before Buying Best Chopping Board In India

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best chopping board in India vegetable chopping board, such as size, surface, and additional features. Let’s look at all these factors:


According to your needs, you should decide to choose a chopping board.

When cutting meat, choose food-safe plastic cutting boards.

On the other hand, consider buying an amazon chopping board to cut vegetables and fruits.

Using two chopping panels to distinguish between vegetarian and non-vegetarian cutting requirements is not a bad idea.


Chopping boards are available in different sizes and dimensions.

Also, You don’t want to buy a chopping board too big for your kitchen and occupy a large part of your kitchen.


It is always easier to cut and trim on rough surfaces.

In addition, the cutting board has a rough and flat surface.

You can choose a rough surface because it can control the juiciness of tomatoes, meat, and other foods and prevent it from spreading across the board.

Also, If your primary uses it to slice onions, carrots, and other dry foodschoose a flat surface.

Non-skid feet

Just like the cutting board’s surface can change your experience, the anti-slip foot pads on the cutting board ensure trouble-free and stable operation.

Avoid the handle

While the handles can prove to be a good utility for easy handling, sometimes chopped food can get stuck on the hold or fall into the open space leaving you with something messy to clean up.

Take care of your cutting board

Just as any other kitchen appliance requires maintenance and care, a chopping board is no different, and these steps will help you extend the life of your chopping board.


If you don’t have two separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian chopping boards, cut the vegetables first, raw meat, fish, etc.

Clean ASAP 

No matter what kind of meat or vegetables you want to cut, be sure to rinse the cutting board with hot soapy water as soon as possible to clean it.


Depending on the type of surface and material, washing wood or bamboo boards with water may not be the best solution.

In addition, edible mineral oil is always the best solution for these cutting boards.


Washing a cutting board or chopping a board with water is another matter, but floating it on the water can be a disaster.

Also, Make sure to dry the chopping board after cleaning, and don’t let it sink or submerge.


Do not wash wooden cutting boards in the dishwasher because a sudden increase in temperature will damage the wood.

Steps For Cleaning your chopping board

According to the material of the cutting board, it is recommended to clean it regularly. 

1. Caution

You should get into the habit of gently cleaning the cutting board with warm soapy water.

In addition, if it is a wooden or bamboo cutting board, please use a clean towel to dry it completely.

2. Oiling 

Don’t forget to coat the cutting board with edible mineral oil from time to time.

It is recommended to apply it twice a month to protect the cutting board from stains and odors.

3. Storage

After cleaning, be sure to store the board vertically.

Also, Horizontal installation prevents the chopping boards from drying out, and they may be damaged if they come into contact with water.

4. Tough Stains 

If there are stubborn stains on the cutting board, try various methods to remove the stains.

In addition, you can first mix one tablespoon of baking soda, one tablespoon of salt, and one tablespoon of water.

Now apply this solution to the board and wash off the dirt stains.

You can also try some salt and lemon; you need to put some salt on the board and cut the lemon in half.

All you have to do is rub lemon wedges on a salted cutting board, then rinse the cutting board with some water and see for yourself its magic.

5. Don’t try it at home 

Besides the things you need to do to keep your cutting board in good shape, there are other things to avoid.

First of all, never put the wooden cutting board in the dishwasher and always wash it by hand.

Always use paper towels instead of kitchen towels to dry cutting boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Best Chopping board in India?

Ans. If you want to cut and chop raw meat or fish, please choose a plastic cutting board.

On the other hand, wooden cutting boards are perfect for cutting fruits and vegetables.

Check whether the plastic board meets food safety standards.

If you want to buy a high-quality cutting board, you can choose a teak cutting board because it is very moisture-proof and tropical wood.

The oil in teak naturally helps waterproof and prevent oxidation.

Q. When should I replace the cutting board?

Ans. If you find excessive scratches or wear on the cutting board surface, you should replace the cutting board.

Too much open space can allow bacteria to grow and contaminate your food.

Q. What kind of oil is best for a cutting board?

Ans. Due to its non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless characteristics, you can choose mineral oil to clean and maintain your cutting boards.

Q. What is the most useful cutting board material?

Ans. Wood is by far the healthiest and safest cutting board material.

Whether it is plastic or wood, bacteria will develop over time.

However, it is scientifically proven that wood, as a material, can kill bacteria in a matter of minutes, while plastic is not.

In terms of cleaning, plastic boards are much easier than wood.

Q. What is the best cutting board with a knife in India?

Ans. With double-sided razor-sharp blades to cut all the fruits and vegetables as per your choice and a handy tray for washing vegetables.

Q. Why is there a cutting board in the kitchen?

Ans. There are many benefits of having a chopping board in your kitchen, such as huge savings of time and effort, and organized chopping and chopping, which is essential for certain dishes. 

Q. What are the alternatives to kitchen cutting boards?

Ans. A chopping board has many other options as you can get yourself a vegetable chopper that will help you chop, chop, and chop fruits and vegetables in seconds.

Final Verdict

Our detailed review of the Best Chopping Board In India will give you a clear idea of ​​finding the right chopping board for your kitchen.

Each product mentioned in this review is carefully designed with the safety of the customer in mind.

Some products are made from really good raw materials, and manufacturers take extra care to give customers the best boards for their kitchens.

Also, Most kitchen boards provide protection and are built to provide a sturdy body for the board.

Be it plastic or wood, you can find the right one suitable for your kitchen counter.


  • 1. Resomate Stainless Steel Chopping Board
  • 2. Organizemee Counter Top Chopping Board
  • 3. Eesome Teak Wood Chopping Board
  • 4. Old Trunk Wooden Cutting Board
  • 5. Urmila Plastic Chopping Board
  • 6. KLEO Marble Chopping Board
Next time, when you look for kitchen chopping boards online, keep in mind the benefits and drawbacks that each review demonstrates.
So, it’s time to get a new one for your home.

We have purchased the Resomate Stainless cutting board after research from other kitchen sites such as and the youtube channel Urban Rasoi where experts have explained its types and feature very well.

If you have any doubts drop a comment below.

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