Security is a big concern for many homeowners today.

In addition to installing a sturdy gate and door, some people are considering adding a home security camera system to their homes.

If you are also thinking of installing a security camera in your home or office and you are constantly looking for which brand is the best.

Installing a CCTV camera system can offer many benefits such as increased property value and security for your loved ones who live there.

There are some of the Best Cctv camera brand in India, and you can trust any one of them, out of which the products of some of the brands are famous all over the world, which we have described in detail below.

As technology has progressed over the past few decades, it has become impossible to take away the use of the best CCTV brand cameras.

Nowadays it is mandatory in public places like restaurants, banks, shopping malls, and even tourist attraction sites.

Whether it is commercial space or residential area;

These cameras can be seen at the top of every corner to ensure the safety of your property.

Installing surveillance systems has become a necessity in today’s world, and with the ongoing dangers in society, the market for CCTV cameras is on the rise!

With the sudden increase in unemployment and crimes, property security or protection of the property of loved ones has become a major issue in today’s world.

When people know they are more likely to be caught, they will play safe and the safest is not to play anything that may cause offense and damage reputation or be punished according to government rules.

So, if you are considering buying one for yourself and if you are confused by the many options available, don’t worry! we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of top brands of CCTV cameras in India.

After extensive research from youtube, and channel expert reviews Bharat Jain who reviews technology and Electronics Devices we have picked the best Cctv camera brand in India.

CCTV Camera

There is an indoor camera installed inside the house so that there is no risk of it being stolen or tampered with.

They are mainly smaller in size and less bulky than an external camera.

An external camera is vulnerable to tampering and is thus made of metal-like objects.

It is heavier than the indoor one and is also weather and waterproof.

Some outdoor cameras are also hidden to survey the street or neighborhood. A hidden indoor camera can serve a more useful purpose for a homeowner or an organization.

How many Types of Cctv camera?

There are different types of cameras available in the market, let’s know about them.

  • Dome Cameras-

These dome cameras are attached like a dome structure and are small in size making them easy to store or hide outside.

  • Bullet Camera-

 They are the most used and one of the best Wi-Fi Cctv cameras in India for homes and shops in India as they are improvised and less easy to tamper with.

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom Cameras- This cheap Cctv camera is the best Cctv camera brand in India has 360-degree rotation technology to monitor large areas and is mostly used in parking lots, warehouses, etc.

  • Varifocal Cameras –

This camera usually comes with many features and has a wide angle and view.

They are easy to tamper with if you keep them within reach.

  • C-mount camera

Cameras have changed a lot over the years.

The earliest cameras were loaded with film and used a shutter to control how much light would expose the film to create a picture.

Later, cameras started using charge-coupled devices to digitally capture images instead of film.

These devices could store many images and produce photos of much higher quality, which is why they are still around today

  • Wireless cameras

The best wifi Cctv camera in India is essential when it comes to capturing moments so that they can be cherished for a lifetime.

But despite being so popular, there are still many people who have never used one before.

Digital security cameras send images and video over coaxial cables or wireless internet connections.

They can also send images and video through phone lines if the signal is strong enough

  • Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera

Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera A security camera is a device, usually, a video camera used to record images or videos of some type of target, such as a person or building.

The two types of security cameras are analog and digital.

Analog security cameras are mostly outdated but can still be found in some areas.

These cameras feed TV signals which need to be converted using a set-top box, a DVD recorder, a VCR, or a video capture card

How Cctv Camera Works?

How Does Cctv Camera Works?

Security cameras, commonly referred to as CCTV cameras, are commonly used in homes and offices to transmit signals to surveillance equipment located far from a specific location.

It is easy for the cameras to work well in daylight and they can capture HD images and footage with great colors without any blurring.

Whereas, at night, CCTV cameras work on the mechanism of infrared light to capture the images properly which is visible to the cameras but not to humans.

Typically, most home security cameras record when motion is detected. However, some cameras come with 24*7 recording capability also known as Continuous Video Recording (CVR).

Advantages of CCTV Camera

  • Help reduce crime.
  • Helps solve crimes.
  • Ensuring the safety of customers and employers from multiple external threats
  • It protects against theft.
 1. TP-LINK Smart Security Camera 4.2

1. TP-LINK Smart Security Camera

  • 360° Rotational Views
  • Device Sharing
  • Advanced night view
Check Price
 2. Mi 360° Home Security Camera 4.3

2. Mi 360° Home Security Camera

  • AI-Powered Motion Detection
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Talk Back Feature
Check Price
 3. QUBO Smart Wi-Fi Camera 4

3. QUBO Smart Wi-Fi Camera

  • Works with Voice assistance
  • Real-Life-Like Audio Clarity
  • True Life image quality 
Check Price
 4. Godrej Spotlight Wi-Fi Security Camera 3.8

4. Godrej Spotlight Wi-Fi Security Camera

  • Smart Motion Tracking
  • Intrusion Alarm System
  • 2-Way Audio
Check Price
 5. Hikvision Full HD CCTV Camera 3.8

5. Hikvision Full HD CCTV Camera

  • Turbo HD DVR
  • HD Night Vision
  • Cameras Combo Kit
Check Price

Best Cctv camera brand in India 2022

The Indian market for Best Cctv Camera Brand In India is a very interesting field.

This is because there are plenty of players in the market, and the competition has been fierce.

It’s been a point of interest for many people who want to invest in this sector.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best brands that have been providing CCTV cameras in India.

We will also take a look at what sets them apart from one another and which one might be right for you.

Editor Choice
TP-LINK Smart Security Camera
  • Resolution- 1080p
  • Form Factor- Dome
  • Megapixels- 2MP
  • Field of View- 360°
  • Warranty- 6 Months

Easy to set up, this high-resolution Cctv camera produces a 1080p crystal clear image and comes with a two-way audio feature to talk to your family members whenever you are out.

As the internet becomes more accessible, many are starting to get their first taste of surveillance.

With the right knowledge, you may find you’d like the ability to monitor the goings-on in your home or office from anywhere in the world.

Whether it’s a vacation home, an empty office space, or just your front door while you’re away on business, security cameras are making it easier to see everything that’s happening when you’re not there.

Today we’ll be taking a look at our newest Wi-Fi security camera and how it can help protect what matters most – your home.

This high-quality Cctv camera also has motion detection technology to alert you at the right time, before anything goes wrong.

The camera offers a 360° Horizontal Range and 114° Vertical Range and lets you get an enhanced night view of up to 30 feet.


  • High definition video capture
  • Support up to 128 GB of storage
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Privacy mode


  • Sometimes lag with Alexa echo
  • No cloud storage
Mi 360° Home Security Camera

2. Mi 360° Home Security Camera

  • Resolution- 1080p
  • Form Factor- Dome
  • Megapixels- 20MP
  • Field of View- 360° Panorama
  • Warranty- 6 Months

The Mi Home Security Camera is the best Cctv camera brand in India and offers 360° protection in 1080p Full HD videos.

With the dual motor-head design, the camera spins completely while its deep AI learning technology notifies you on your phone when you need an alert.

The camera is backed by the brand new Low-Light True Color technology that allows you to see a full-color palette in low light and even at night.

You can set it upright or upside down and also watch recorded videos on your smart devices.

So, if you are looking for the best and most affordable CCTV camera for home with mobile connectivity, this is a good option.


  • Dual motor-head design
  • Low-light true color technology
  • Smoother streaming
  • Easy Installation


  • No auto rotation
  • More than 64 GB of Memory cards are not supported.
Indoor Use
QUBO Smart Wi-Fi Camera

3. QUBO Smart Wi-Fi Camera

  • Resolution- 1080p
  • Form Factor- Bullet
  • Megapixels- 2MP
  • Field of View- 110° 
  • Warranty- 4 Months

The Qubo Smart Home Security Wi-Fi Camera is the best wifi Cctv camera in India equipped with an intrusion alarm system.

Available in two color options, the camera has advanced AI capabilities to intelligently detect thieves, robbers, etc. 

The QUBO Smart Wi-Fi Camera is revolutionary, easy-to-use home security and monitoring system.

It’s mobile and browser-based camera apps that you can access from anywhere for great peace of mind. Setup is as easy as downloading the app and scanning the barcode on the camera.

The camera then connects to your home Wi-Fi network and you can monitor your property from anywhere at any time.

The QUBO Smart Wi-Fi Camera creates a smarter, more connected home with up to 32 hours of battery life and night vision so you never miss a thing.

With built-in sensors, alerts, and notifications, we make it easier than ever to know what’s going on at all times. This way, if anything happens at home


  • Round-the-Clock Customer Service
  • Smartly detect & notify on mobile
  • Motion detection
  • Made in India product


  • Bit expensive
  • Internet connection needed for smooth streaming
Remote Access
Godrej Spotlight Wi-Fi Security Camera

4. Godrej Spotlight Wi-Fi Security Camera

  • Resolution- 1080p
  • Form Factor- Bullet
  • Megapixels- 2MP
  • Field of View- 355° Panorama 
  • Warranty- 6 Months

With a Godrej Spotlight Wi-Fi Security Camera, you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world.

You can also get alerts when people or animals approach your door.

The camera will send you a notification with a photo of anyone who comes by.

This Cctv camera brand is the best Cctv camera brand in India this year.

The camera is easy to set up and use, and it has a night mode for monitoring at night.

This way, you don’t have to worry about someone sneaking into your house when you’re not there.

The Godrej Spotlight Wi-Fi Security Camera is perfect for any homeowner who wants to stay connected with their property at all times.

Godrej camera comes infrared night vision feature that captures clear videos even in the dark.

Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, the camera comes with a built-in microphone and speaker that allows you to listen and talk seamlessly even when you’re away.


  • Supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Band
  • Built-in 50DB siren
  • Leave no blind spots
  • Hosted on secure AWS cloud servers


  • Sometimes lag in real-time alerts
  • Setup took a long time
Overall Best
Hikvision Full HD CCTV Camera

5. Hikvision Full HD CCTV Camera

  • Resolution-1080p
  • Form Factor- Bullet and dome
  • Megapixels- 2MP
  • Field of View- 360°
  • Warranty- 1 Year 

Cameras have been around for a while now.

And while that means that they can be found just about anywhere, cameras are still a hot trend among businesses and homeowners.

One of the more popular camera models is Hikvision, which has been designed to provide a new level of insight into high-definition images

Hikvision is one of the best Cctv camera brand in India, Hikvision Full HD CCTV Camera is the most popular outdoor Cctv camera in India in 2021.

They offer a wide range of products that come with intelligent features to furnish all your security needs.

Hikvision cameras come with a dynamic zoom feature and come with great megapixel resolution.

The lens has wide coverage and comes with great resolution.

There are many different types of security cameras available on the market these days.

If you’re looking to purchase the best outdoor Cctv camera in India, consider one that has full HD capabilities.

This helps to provide detailed images and videos of what is happening in your home or business.

Not only does it help with protection, but it can also help with property preservation.


  • Best Security Solutions for Home Security
  • Easy to Monitor over PC with IVMS-4200 Software
  • Hik-Connect app
  • Live View and playback


  • Need an Expert for installation
  • Need annual maintenance

Types of camera resolutions

HD– HD cameras are high-resolution cameras that can be used to collect evidence for legal purposes.

They record footage at 720p or 1080p and you also need an HD DVR for that.

Analog- They are one of the oldest options cost-effective options.

Analog cameras offer lower resolution but still provide useful footage.

IP- These CCTV cameras come with the highest resolution that provides high-quality images and you can even digitally zoom in to identify certain objects.

Features To Watch For The Best Cctv Camera Brand In India

These are the most popular security camera versions available on the Internet:

  • Power source and connectivity

Most of the security cameras you’ll find today work through your home Wi-Fi network.

This means you have to keep them within range of the router that is in your home or wireless access point.

If you fail to do this properly the normal functionality of the CCTV security cameras may be disrupted.

However, some models of security cameras can perform their duties even when a cellular network is available.

However, they are very rare and not all permutations and combinations of networks and devices will work for them but it is something to look forward to in the future.

For example, some security camera models can don an action camera cap if they want to record video from their car.

The power source for most security cameras these days is an adapter that you can simply plugin.

This means that it can only operate in the vicinity of an outlet.

In such cases, an extension cord frees you up to a great extent.

Batteries are either rechargeable or replaceable.

This variation gives you more control over where you can potentially set up the camera.

  • App possibilities

Most of the CCTV security camera system that is available these days can be accessed through both iOS and Android devices.

In addition, many come with web apps that allow you to view video feeds via desktop and laptop PCs, usually by providing a username, password, and local Wi-Fi details as authentication.

The app usually has features like sound and motion alerts, night vision, two-way talking system via speaker and mic.

  • Video recording capability

Some models only capture video when one or more of the sensors are on, which means you can’t probe into things like pets the way you want with these security solutions.

Video quality is another thing you should consider.

Higher-quality video feeds will consume more bandwidth along with lags and glitches that may bother you from time to time.

The standard resolution of live video feeds is fast becoming Full HD.

However, some models still stick with VGA video with 640×480 resolution which makes the battery last longer.

It’s important to remember that if you choose a model with the ability to live cast Full HD video, you can lower the resolution at any time if there is an issue due to lag or other bandwidth.

Some models automatically adjust the video quality according to the speed of the net connection.

  • Membership and Storage

You should always keep in mind that not all video storage is the same in any way.

There are many options provided by particular security camera models.

The latest technological innovation in video storage is, of course, storing the video in the cloud or remote server.

Local storage stores all videos on a USB or microSD card. Some cameras go a step further and give you both options.

Some essential features of CCTV cameras

  • Wide-angle video 

The footage recorded by the camera is crystal clear and distinct and allows law officers to trace even the smallest details.

This Cctv camera with recording will cover larger areas than a single camera, eliminating the need for multiple cameras.

  • Low Light Cameras / Night Vision

It is better to invest in night vision cameras than regular cameras as they are capable of recording in low light conditions.

Most cameras record footage in black and white video at night.

As technology continues to advance, more advanced cameras use infrared or heat vision for complete dark areas.

  • Speakers

Security cameras with speakers are a step up from normal cameras. 

  • Motion Sensor and Automation

One of its major advantages is, it cuts down on the amount of footage being recorded, saving you tons of storage space.

The more advanced motion detection system also comes with movement tracking.

  • Field of view

Field of view refers to the area that your camera can see.

Usually, CCTV cameras in India are installed to protect a room or area, or viewpoint. 

  • Maintenance & Servicing

CCTVs are usually offered with a warranty period.

If you don’t maintain it properly, the repair cost will be very high.

Budget and installation expenses are added along with the maintenance cost.

You are advised to have an Annual Maintenance Agreement (AMC) to keep the device in working condition.

Upgrades must be made on product and storage to keep the equipment in its best condition.

Points to Consider Before Choosing the Best Cctv camera brand in India?

Buying and installing surveillance cameras is not an easy task, but it has become important as security is something one should be concerned about.

It is a one-time investment, so it should be ensured that you buy the best quality Cctv camera in India.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind while buying a CCTV camera

  • Budget

The most important factor for any purchase is the budget.

The best Wi-Fi Cctv camera is an essential expense that is needed by many but few can afford.

The price of this security system depends on several factors such as – nature and area of ​​coverage, location of installation, brand and quantity, installation, maintenance expenses, and type of camera.

Quality is the major factor that decides the expenditure cost.

You should never compromise on the quality of a CCTV camera, so it is essential to read the features and specifications of all the above-mentioned CCTV cameras.

  • Camera Specifications

To get a unique solution, you’ll need a camera that has specialized, non-standard applications. Fisheye, PTZ, LPR, and spy cameras are just a few types of camera applications.

CCTV camera brands are an integral part of security systems.

Hence, it is important to select the best CCTV cameras based on the needs of the customers.

This article discusses different CCTV camera brands that are available in India and gives a list of the top 5 brands along with their features and prices.

  • Image quality

If you are thinking of buying Best Cctv Camera Brand In India then you will focus on video quality after the budget in your mind, then consider today’s latest technology 720p (1MP) which should be 1080p resolution.

As we know, the higher the resolution, the better its video quality, but you will have to keep about terabytes of storage to store this video.

  • Consider CCTV Recorder features

A CCT Camera Recorder is a device that captures video footage and saves it to a digital storage device.

It is often connected to the recording equipment of the surveillance system, which then manages the process of storing data on an internal or external hard drive or flash memory card until it is needed.

The high-quality Cctv camera used to intercept covert activities for the required data extraction are spy cameras.

They can capture video with 1080p in low light conditions.

These Cctv camera accessories can be placed in various locations such as clocks, sprinkler heads, detectors, etc. for careful monitoring at specific locations.

  • Types of cabling available.

Features that enable pan, tilt, and zoom to give the name to the best wireless Cctv camera.

They can cover huge distances like 2000 feet in video coverage which has a 2 MP resolution.

There are many types of cables that are used in CCTV cameras, you have to keep in mind that you have to choose the best company and the cable with your requirement, below we have given about the cables available in the market, you can check about them.

  • Pre-made leads
  • RG59 Coaxial cable
  • RG59 Coaxial Cable with power
Frequently Asked Questions –

Q.1 Which is better CCTV or IP Camera?

The main difference between them is what type of cable they use.

Where CCTV cameras use power and coax cables, IP cameras use standard network cables.

The cabling cost for IP cameras is relatively less compared to CCTV cameras as they can transfer video with the help of only one cable.

Q.2 Which cable is best for the Cctv camera?

There are only a few types of coax cables that should be used specifically for CCTV cameras.

RG59 is known as the most suitable cable for Cctv camera installation.

Q.3 Do home security cameras have 24*7 recording capability?

Typically, most Cctv camera online home security cameras record when motion is detected.

However, some cameras come with a 24*7 recording capability also known as Continuous Video Recording (CVR).

Wireless cameras also work without internet and a power supply.

This Cctv camera for the home requires an internet connection only when footage is needed or additional features need to be used.


A CCTV camera is a top sought-after product that is essential to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Many Cctv camera types have a maximum number of integrated features is the best option but cannot be afforded by many people.

And hence, we have done an in-depth analysis of the above brief products, based on the possession of all the features and overall performance.

Final Thoughts

  • 1. TP-LINK Smart Security Camera
  • 2. Mi 360° Home Security Camera
  • 3. QUBO Smart Wi-Fi Camera
  • 4. Godrej Spotlight Wi-Fi Security Camera
  • 5. Hikvision Full HD CCTV Camera
Also, We have described the best Cctv camera brand in India which is affordable for everyone.

So what you are thinking after reading this article?

Make a plan to install a Cctv camera in your home and office as well to enhance security for your loved ones who live there.
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