Global warming is increasing continuously in India, which is why the temperature is increasing continuously every year.

Also, the country’s tropical climate is a major reason behind the entire Indian summer from April to October.

Air coolers are the best budget home appliance that gives relief from hot and humid temperatures.

They are available at various price ranges you can choose them according to your requirement.

There are so many brands selling different types of best air cooler with humidity control, and you can get lost in so many options, and this is why we have listed and reviewed the top 5 best air cooler in India with humidity control.

Air Cooler

Air coolers are simple devices that release air into the atmosphere to reduce its temperature.

They have a straightforward design, in which a fan blows air across the water, causing it to evaporate, and it is the evaporator that cools the atmosphere.

Air is sucked from the atmosphere, flows across the water into the cooler, and takes some of its molecules along, allowing it to cool before being released back.

In a real sense, not only does air blow over the water but there is a soaked pad that draws water from the tank where it is stored.

Evaporative Coolers

To say that air coolers do not operate in high humidity would be unfair, and the act of virtually minimizing their effectiveness.

However, in high humidity, the effect of the evaporative cooler is notably reduced to some extent.

This results in the fact that they are cooled by the evaporation of water, which adds moisture to the air, and in the air where moisture is already readily available, the effect of cooling may not be felt properly.

Environments with saturated levels of relative humidity do not accept moisture any further.

I have written a blog post on another kitchen category which is water purifiers if you are looking for them you can check them out.

Types Of Air Coolers

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Choosing the right air cooler as per room size

Room/ Personal Air Cooler

This type of air cooler for home applies to small to medium-sized rooms.

It is comparatively cheap and uses a blower for air circulation.

A unique feature of a blower is that it circulates air in a particular area instead of the entire room.

The capacity of the water tank varies between 20-30 liters.

Also, the Personal Air Cooler is best suited for situations where one is looking for personal cooling needs in their room.

Desert air cooler

Desert air coolers have huge fans that circulate air for effective cooling.

Fans circulate the air throughout the room to bring a cooling effect in every corner, which is not possible with a blower.

Also, the water tank capacity is relatively large, between 30-60 liters.

When you consider cost, this type is more expensive than a portable air cooler.

Tower air cooler

One big advantage of tower air coolers is that their models tend to be so quiet.

How they work by distributing cold air vertically.

This cooler removes heat from the hot air through the water in the cooling pad.

The result is cool and clean air.

Industrial applications of tower coolers include manufacturing, electrical power generation, and processing of cold water for air conditioning.

Benefits of best air cooler with humidity control

  • Moisture Production

Also, evaporative cooling releases a humidifying effect into the air.

Air conditioners, on the other hand, suck in moist air, making it difficult for people around them to breathe.

  • Price

Compared to air conditioners, Buying an air cooler online is much cheaper in initial and operating costs.

  • No installation required

The air cooler does not require any special installation.

Also, the low maintenance cost and operating costs are making it ideal for a low budget.

For air coolers, the only action required is to refill the water tank, which is more of a laborious thing than a cost.

  • Environment friendly

As mentioned earlier, water is almost the entire idea behind the working of an air cooler.

Also, there are no harmful gas emissions in the atmosphere which has been a major threat to the ozone layer.

On the other hand, air conditioners work best in closed rooms, which are considered less safe.

Disadvantages of air cooler

Since water is one of the functional needs of an air cooler, areas that experience water scarcity may not meet it properly.

⏩ If water is limited in your home, the device may dry out for a long time.

This comes as a detriment to the comfort you’ll get under a rather modest power charge.

⏩ The noise from a working air cooler can be loud and disrupt other activities going on in your home.

Also, the motor, combined with the fan, can generate unnecessary noise that can make it difficult for you to focus on your projects.

⏩ We cannot stress enough how important it is to check the humidity levels in your climate zone.

⏩ Additionally, the operation of the air cooler requires regular maintenance.

Difference between Air Cooler and Air Conditioner

The difference between them is quite clear.

While it can heat and cool your room, the best air cooler can only be used for cooling.

This makes an air conditioner suitable for all seasons.

Also, other specific factors reflect the installation and maintenance part.

In contrast, air conditioners require professional installation, which comes with a cost impact.

On the other hand, they do not require any maintenance type, unlike buying an air cooler where you have to keep adding water.

Of course, air coolers are more convenient when it comes to portability and emitting fresh air.

Also, air conditioners are stationary, which makes them usable only indoors.

1. Symphony Tower Air Cooler3.6/5

1. Symphony Tower Air Cooler

  • Powerful Form Factor
  • Superior Cooling
  • Air Purification Filters
Check Price
2. Symphony 3D Tower Air Cooler3.5/5

2. Symphony 3D Tower Air Cooler

  • I-Pure Technology
  • Honeycomb cooling pads
  • Pop-up Touchscreen Panel
Check Price
3. Crompton Tower Air Cooler3.4/5

3. Crompton Tower Air Cooler

  • Inverter Compatible
  • Gives Enhanced Air Flow
  • Provide Overload Protection
Check Price
4. Havells Desert Air Cooler4/5

4. Havells Desert Air Cooler

  • Low Noise Cooling
  • Strong Air Delivery
  • Effortless Cooling Operation
Check Price
5. Voltas Grand Desert Cooler4.1/5

5. Voltas Grand Desert Cooler

  • Honeycomb Filters
  • Castor Wheels 
  • Water Level Indicator
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Best Air Cooler With Humidity Control In India

Editor Choice
1.Symphony Tower Air Cooler

1. Symphony Tower Air Cooler

  • Brand: Symphony
  • Form Factor: Tower Type
  • Control Type: Knob
  • Material: Plastic
  • Wattage: 170

Symphony Diet 12 T is a high-performance best air cooler for home air-cooler that effectively cools your room temperature to make it bearable.

Additionally, it is particularly suitable for hot and dry regions where the average temperature rises above 50 degrees during summer.

This air cooler comes with a medium tank capacity of 12 liters so that you don’t have to worry about refilling it frequently and enjoy uninterrupted cooling for long hours.

Also, this model offers the widest cooling range of up to 12 square meters.

In addition, you can use them outside in your backyard, garden, or even on the terrace.

The air cooler features unique and high-efficiency 3-sided honeycomb cooling pads that provide effective cooling with a cool flow dispenser.

Additionally, iPure technology includes a multi-stage filtration system, including a dust filter, odor filter, allergy filter, bacteria filter, and PM 2.5 wash filter.

Also, this allows the circulation of cool, healthy, and clean air around you.

This air cooler has automatic vertical swings that oscillate to cool your entire room.

It is a portable air cooler that comes with 5 sturdy caster wheels for convenient mobility.


  • Sleek and compact design Bacteria Filter
  • Dial Knob Controls
  • Water level indicator


  • Not enough For a big room
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2. Symphony 3D Tower Air Cooler

  • Brand: Symphony
  • Form Factor: Tower Type
  • Control Type: Remote Control
  • Material: Plastic
  • Wattage: 145

With such a large water tank, you can expect the Best Air Cooler With Humidity Control Symphony Touch Air Cooler to scale large.

Also, the coolers are the powerpack features, and what caught the attention of many are the 6 honeycomb pads and louvers that are fully closable.

It acts as a cold flow dispenser that operates by cooling the water in 6 honeycomb pads into humid air before releasing it into the atmosphere.

Boasting a water tank capacity of 30 liters, the Symphony Touch 80 can bring a powerful cooling effect to a room with a maximum area of ​​14 sq m.

Symphony air cooler with remote includes 3-speed control settings.

One can adjust according to the level of need. It consumes less power despite massive operations.

It features i-Pure technology that uses 5 filters to remove potential hazards to the air you breathe.

Additionally, they filter out bad odors, bacteria, allergens, and dust and act as a 2.5 PM washer. 


  • Auto Louver Movement
  • Superior 3D cooling
  • PM 2.5 wash filter
  • User-friendly control panel


  • Bit Expensive
51LiGmKCAYL. SL1000 1

3. Crompton Tower Air Cooler

  • Brand: Crompton
  • Form Factor: Tower Type
  • Control Type: Knob
  • Material: Plastic
  • Wattage: 130

Crompton Greaves Optimus neo is particularly suitable for locations that experience extremely hot and dry conditions.

The water tank capacity is quite large, 35 liters, to be exact. It lasts for 6 or more hours on refilling it.

When it comes to looks, the Crompton Air Cooler model is creatively designed with beautiful white color which beats most of the coolers on the market.

It can adequately serve a decent room of 160 square feet.

Also, this is done at an air delivery rate of approximately 4500m³/hr – a sufficient amount of pressure to enhance effective cooling.

The honeycomb pads work relatively well for maximum cooling effect.

The Crompton Ozone Cooler comes with a 4-way air deflection for cooling in all corners. 


  • 4-way air deflection
  • Rust-free Body
  • Honeycomb Filters
  • Castor wheels


  • Not Accurate Water Level Indicator
Top Pick
61J3rEz4vhL. SL1500 1

4. Havells Desert Air Cooler

  • Brand: Havells
  • Form Factor: Desert Type
  • Control Type: Remote
  • Material: Plastic
  • Wattage: 220

The key features of the Celia air cooler in the 55-liter Havells are the collapsible louvers that filter dust and insects from entering the air cooling machine.

It is a value-for-money product that integrates many automated features.

These include a low water indicator, dry run protection for warning before the water runs out, and an autofill and drain for action whenever appropriate.

The Havells 55-Litre Air Cooler uses a fan as the propeller, it produces less noise. Also, this makes it a suitable cooler for corporate offices.

It has a large water tank with a capacity of 55 liters, an amount that can stand for a long time before the next refill.

Additionally, the tank is creatively designed to keep mosquitoes from entering and breeding.

Havells air cooler has 3 dust filter nets that prevent dust and insects from entering the air cooler.

This protects both the well-being of the machine and those around them.


  • 3-side Honeycomb pads
  • Auto Fills water supply
  • Large tank capacity
  • Instant Chilled Air


  • No inlet pipe provided
61KOCT3UzpL. SL1200 1

5. Voltas Grand Desert Cooler

  • Brand: Voltas
  • Form Factor: Desert Type
  • Control Type: Button
  • Material: Plastic
  • Wattage: 190

The Voltas 72-litre air cooler takes up less space and is one of the more tailored models for individual needs.

Its ability to maintain a good air range enables it to survive in all climates while providing the necessary cooling effect.

It takes the form of a small, stylish construction that includes an ice cooler to speed up the cooling process.

The Voltas air cooler adequately serves an area of ​​about 44 square meters.

Also, the room should be well-ventilated for efficient cooling of the air.

Also, it has a powerful air throw that shoots up to a distance of about 12 feet.

This is quite an impressive figure for a personal air cooler.

Automatic louvers increase the airflow pressure, further enhancing the cooling process in the target area. Has a low power consumption of around 190W.

Uses honeycomb pads to produce a cooling effect from the water.

Good at serving cool air to a specific area as opposed to the whole room.


  • Great air throw cooling
  • Premium design
  • Low power consumption
  • Large water tank capacity


  • High noise Level

Buyer’s Guide For Best Air cooler With Humidity Control

With rapidly evolving technology and the skyrocketing number of brands in the field, people are always confused about which air cooler to buy.

In most cases, one would prefer an air conditioner, but the portability, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and other benefits mentioned above over a cooler make it excellent in its version.

#Control Panel

This includes a remote control used to switch between modes and a timer where you can usually preset your air cooler’s bedtime. Also, if you don’t need your device to run all night.


Air coolers are highly portable due to their small and compact size; You can move the air cooler to any room and aim it.

#Cooling pad

This is the most important part of the air cooler. There are two types; Aspen and Honeycomb Cooling Pad.

As much as the design of the device determines the function of the cooling pad, the humidity level in the air is equally important.

For maximum efficiency, the pad thickness should be 90 mm or more.

#Speed function

It lets you adjust the speed of the cooler to control it. Helpful for increasing the temperature when it cools down a bit.

#Hose connector

Additionally, this part connects directly to the cooler and provides a continuous supply of water.

#Ice gel pack

To help further enhance the cooling effect, some models include ice cans.

On scorching sunny days, you can add more ice to catalyze the cooling process.

However, it can only work where there is low humidity.

No amount of ice will produce a cooling effect when the humidity level is high.

#In-built casters

For maneuverability of the air cooler from one corner to another, most new models come with caster wheels.

Also, they allow you to easily drag it across the room or in any other room at any time.

#Fan or blower

If you have less space to cool, choose blower-type air coolers as they vent air in a particular direction.

On the other hand, a fan-type air cooler is a good option for larger air coolers as it will circulate the cool air to every corner.


This enables you to connect the cooler to your inverter to work in the summer without electricity.

Also, you get constant cooling even during power cuts, and it also saves on power consumption.

#Remote controlled

You can check whether the cooler you buy comes with remote control.

Also having a remote control is an added advantage as it allows you to operate the air cooler efficiently without even getting out of bed.

Additionally, this allows you to easily change the fan speed to increase or decrease the cooling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What do you mean by Air Delivery?

Ans. The cooler’s amount of air per minute is known as the ‘air delivery’ of the air cooler.

It also shows the level of power that the cooler needs to cool the room.

If the air delivery rate is high, so will the cooling capacity.

Also, air distribution is usually calculated in cubic feet/minute or cubic meters/hour.

Q.2 Why is cross-ventilation necessary for air coolers?

Ans. Humidity is a real problem that can be overcome by air coolers.

The climate of the area you live in greatly affects the humidity and temperature of your room.

Also, the cross-ventilation feature is beneficial in taking out the moisture from the room and generating cool air.

Q.3 Which is the best place to put your air cooler in the room?

Ans. All companies recommend that air coolers be placed near the windows.

You cannot use an air cooler inside a closed space or a closed room, as it goes against the technology that air coolers use for cooling.

When the room air is hot and humid, the process of evaporation will accelerate, and as a result, the moist air will move out of the room, and the cooler will replace it with cold air, and this is why cross ventilation is extremely important.

Q.4 Is an air cooler effective in humid climates?

Ans. Yes, air coolers are most effective in humid climates with humidity levels below 60%.

Q.5 Which climate is right to buy an air cooler for your home?

Ans. It is very important to buy an air cooler at the right time, at that time you have to choose the air cooler according to your season.

If the dry wind season is dry, and the temperature is 35-50 degrees, you should buy a desert air cooler.

Otherwise, if you have humid climates where temperatures are 30-40 degrees, buy a personal air cooler.

Q.6 How can I protect my cooler from smelling?

Ans. Regular and thorough cleaning will help.

Add soapy detergent and baking soda before vigorously scrubbing the cooler parts.

Wash it more than once and spray a sanitizing agent at the end.

Q.7 Which is better Cooler?

Ans. A desert cooler is a better option if you want to use it for outdoor purposes or in large areas, whereas a room cooler is specifically designed to air cooling a private space or room.

Room coolers are more compact and portable as compared to desert coolers.


The alarming level of global warming is setting new high-temperature records every passing year.

In such scenarios, it is clear that air-coolers have become an integral part of our lives, fighting the energy-consuming heat.

The coolers listed above are all great coolers, and we have provided all the details and specifications to make it easy for you to choose the most convenient and economical air cooler for yourself without getting lost in the sea of ​​options.

So, once you fix everything, you are always good to go.

Finally here are the top 5 best air cooler with humidity control for you, you should check reviews and product details if you decide to buy before buying.

Final thought
  • 1. Symphony Tower Air Cooler
  • 2. Symphony 3D Tower Air Cooler
  • 3. Crompton Tower Air Cooler
  • 4. Havells Desert Air Cooler
  • 5. Voltas Grand Desert Cooler
There are many air coolers available for humid climates in the market, it is your choice which air cooler you prefer according to your needs.

We have given the best cooler review if you have any doubts then you can ask in the comment section below.

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